Rangkang Sekolah: We Present to SteemPress

Dear steemian friends

Rangkang Sekolah present to the world of Blockchain-based media. Attendance Rangkang Sekolah special to meet the call from @steempress-io with its SteemPress that can be integrated (plugin) with Steem blockhain. The other side of Rangkang Sekolah is built on the awareness to create content which in this case are articles in educational nominations, opinion free opinions, short stories and fiction. And of course, Rangkang Sekolah is trying to publish quality articles.

Good News from Steem Blockhain

Already familiar with the good news for steemians who have been working as bloggers using WordPress services because @steempress-io has been present to curry WordPress blog with 1,000,000 Steem Power. The last two posts of @steempress-io are:

  1. SteemPress ready to curate Steem-powered WordPress blogs with 1 million Steem Power
  2. SteemPress answers to common questions and update to design

These two posts have confirmed that they will concentrate on curling content under WordPress that is integrated (plugin) with SteemPress or Steem Blockhain. The development of SteemPress is done by @howo and @fredrikaa.


Introduction of Rangkang Sekolah

Rangkang Sekolah is a social media based portal. It is said to be based on social media because Rangkang Sekolah will be integrated with Steem Blockhain. Furthermore, Rangkang Sekolah will present several nominations of articles such as education, environment, fiction stories, short stories and opinions. Rangkang Sekolah is designed to welcome Content Creator integrated with The Power of Steem Blockchain especially with the presence of SteemPress as a content curator for WordPress users.


Short Term Program

Publication of daily articles in existing nominations of education, fiction, short stories and free opinions. Did not rule out later will receive writing from parties who want to participate and of course Rangkang Sekolah will appreciate it with Steem Blockchain Dollar (SBD) or Steem.


Long Term Program

Publicize in hard copy for every educational nomination, fiction story, short story and free opinion that has been selected and dissected by scientific work steps of course. This book-keeping program has become a media news trend, especially for the Opinion column.


Partnership of Rangkang Sekolah

In fact, this sub-theme should be the subject of this post, given the importance of who plays behind the scenes. So, there is no player behind the scenes. If in the back, kind of where to write (typing). hehehe It’s just that my friends entrust my steemit account to be a SteemPress plugin to WordPress. We also registered a steemit account with id @rangkang-sekolah. However, until this post is published has not been confirmed. And most likely after the confirmation of the account, then we will switch to @rangkang-sekolah.
That is all and thank you. If there are more constructive inputs, we will be very happy to read and presumably we will learn more and apply them (Rangkang Sekolah).


By: Rangkang Sekolah

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