Cost & Benefit Approach of SteamPress

The cost-benefit analysis approach is an analysis of comparisons or differences. Comparison between what is earned and the cost incurred from an activity. If the receipt obtained is greater than the cost incurred, then an activity is considered positive. In other words, the activity can be done. However, if the revenue is less than the cost incurred, then the activity is not yet feasible.

This cost-benefit approach is often used in business activities. However, this approach can also be applied outside the business, but sometimes too much simplification is done. From that, this approach is aptly used in the business world.


The use of steempress by bloggers, presumably no less and more is a business problem, because the presence of plug-in steempress into wordpress. The bloggers then move on or see this as an opportunity to earn more profits. Well, this advantage (benefit) is then very suitable to be seen that plug-in steempress for wordpress is business.


Cost-Benefit Steempress

Okay, when steempress supports wordpress then we will do calculations or calculations related to the comparison or the difference between what is obtained with the cost of hosting and domain purchases that become expenditure from the activities of plug-in steemprees with the income we get after installing it into wordpress.


Let’s continue. We will play with numbers, because the numbers will be more interesting and visible for profit and loss issues. the entire cost (cost) incurred to prepare until ready to launch is 330.000 IDR / 22.9 USD (hosting and domain).


But before, it needs to be clarified, that @steempress-io in curated post under #steempress made via plug-in steempress in wordpress. @steempress-io in his attention to his performance, he did different percent voting on each post, as shown in this picture:

So, we take the value of 1.75% only, with pending payout $ 2.04 for current Steem / SBD price. And this value will change, because steemians who do post via wordpress plug-in steempress burdened 50% of each pay-out. So, from experience so far, the final value of pay-out 0.213 SBD, 0.322 STEEM and 0.460 SP.

If we make a tabulation of data, from our existing pay-out and merge its value in a weekly 7 days, but we will not use the value of Steem Power (SP), then:

0.213 SBD x 7 days (1 week): 1.491 SBD

0.322 STEEM x 7 days (1 week): 2,254 STEEM


So, 1 week of user plug-in steempress will get result of 1.491 SBD and 2,254 STEEM. If multiplied by the current rupiah (IDR) price, the result: 26.905 IDR for SBD 57.195 IDR for STEEM, if combined all Rp. 84.100 (IDR) per / week. And if dikalukulasikan for a month, the result of Rp. 336.400 IDR / 23.3 USD.


So, with a month’s work it is most likely if our account (steemians) curated by @ steempress-io will easily take back capital of 330,000 IDR / 22.9 USD (hosting and domain) wordpress us. And the next month, we only get results. But, all this remains within the scope that we should make a post or contens.


Time – Ideas – Facilities etc.

Creating a post is part of the cost that we then want to take advantage of our business (post). A lot of time, ideas, facilities and so on that we should use and this is all the cost we should think about.

Therefore, it is important that @ steempress-io to perform better in curation of contents. The question is, what is the indicator that makes a contender or post get a larger curation? What is the age of wordpress? If the measured is from the old age of a wordpess then get ready for the wordpress beginners who use plug-in steempress because it will be a lot of energy (time – ideas – facilities etc.) that will be sacrificed. But if the measuring tool is the performance of a post contest then this looks more sporty, because it will tickle the idea – the time or the falisitas of the steemians to give the best with the content to the steempress. May be useful.


Another interesting news from steempress is that it has multi-account support, but this multi-account work has not been too effective. The conclusions are not yet effective and so the above explanation is based on the results we get now, and of course every steemian has different values.

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